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Milestone can manage a program of work.  For example, Milestone has worked with many Higher Education Clients in developing a multi-campus master plan.  This "program" of construction projects is managed by our Higher Education Team.

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Milestones "Project Steering" approach ensures that individual capital projects are facilitated in a collaborative process.  Our Team ensures that budgets are established and met and timelines are accurate and reflect the pace of the lifecycle of the project.

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During the construction phase, Milestone has been asked to manage the construction activities, performed by contractors.  Our professionals can provide our clients assistance in contract authorship and negotiation, constructibility and construction administration.

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Our clients rely on our Team to build and establish the overall project budgets...from tap fees, professional services construction costs, furniture, artwork, information technology and move in costs.  The entire scope of the project should be established and tracked from the inception through completion of the project.

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The Milestone Team can assist in estimating the construction costs, constructablity and feasibility of your capital project.  With over 500 projects completed in our firms history, Milestone has a comprehensive database of project costs...from construction to consultancy services.

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Understanding the duration, timing and pace of a project is a communication tool that ensures that all the project stakeholders have a clear direction of the goals of the project.  Milestone can plan, develop and track your projects design, construction and occupancy activities.

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Occupancy is one of the crucial activities in the life of a capital project.  Milestone can assist in the planning and faciliation of staff relocations; security, A/V and IT activations; medical equipment deployment; artwork and furniture installations.

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Selecting, purchasing and installing furniture, equipment and artwork are activities that Milestone regularly provides our clients.  Our Team can integrate your companies purchasing and asset inventory protocols to ensure that the products that arrive onsite and the projects that were specified.

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Milestone has standards and practices that provide insights, forecasting  and predictability for contract, budget and schedule monitoring and control. On our team are two certified Internal Auditors that can bring piece of mind to our clients.

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