Five Ways Milestone Project Management help our clients be more profitable

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At MPM we apply our efforts and our expertise to help you achieve greater growth and profitability through five “Smart” Services.

  1. Smart Source and Partnering.  The demand for capital project management ebbs and flows with your strategic plan.  When the demand grows for project management it is more cost efficient (profitable) to use our professional project management team rather than hiring and maintaining a staff. Retain the leadership of capital projects within the executive suite but let us provide the staff you need. The money you save on not having an in-house staff can be invested in other more profitable ventures.
  1. Smart Negotiation. Negotiate your facilities repair and maintenance supplier/vendor contracts.  Because we are in the market every day we can help you evaluate their proposals to make sure the “favored customer” rates aren’t above current “market rates.”  Competitive pricing can result in significant savings and increased profitability.
  1. Smart Tools. Use our smart management tools to create project scope documents, capital requests, strategic capital budgets and track project development.  We will help you establish the controls and reporting mechanism so you always know the status of your projects and are always in a position to make knowledgeable (information and data based) smart decisions.  Our tools will help you use project data to drive project decisions and proactively manage the project.
  1. Smart Schedules. The shortest schedule isn’t always the best schedule. Unrealistic short schedules can drive the cost of a project up and result in operational problems in the future, which reduce profitability. Smart schedules allow you to take advantage of the market place and your capital. Our expertise in schedule management will help you get your project to market at the right time and at a cost that will result in potentially greater future profits.
  1. Smart Planning and Expertise. Applying expertise at the right time, to the right areas and issues results in better projects.  Better projects have more potential to produce greater profits.  Putting your money where it will do you the most good (location, quality materials, efficient design) is the result of smart planning and expertise.  Making smart decisions based on real expertise throughout the duration of the project is the best way to assure reaching your return on investment goals.

There are more ways we can help your organization be profitable.  From leadership to stewardship we are your partners in creating better, more efficient, more viable healthcare facilities regardless of the obstacles that have to be over come.

Please call Bill (713-523-2552) if you would like to discuss how we could help your hospital be more profitable and visit our web site ( for more information about Milestone Project Management.


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