“Cloud Project Management” in the Fall 2011

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It has been almost six months since I last reported on how Milestone Project Management is working with our Owners and project team members in “Cloud Project Management”.  It has been an exciting time at our firm as we have really standardized and formatted the information disseminated by our web-based project management site.

Early on, we discovered that each user (architect, client, contractor, etc) needs to have a training session on how we access, present and post information to the site.  We build this 45 minute session into our project scope and use it as a team building exercise.  I think it has really “paid off in spades” when it comes to collaboration on the project.

Id like to share with you some thoughts that one of our architect participants has on our transparent and online solution.

David McLemore, AIA, ACHA of Kirksey Architecture, says “Everybody talks about the need for strong communication because we are all trying to find ways to better integrate our processes and better share the information we are utilizing to design, construct and successfully finish our projects. Working with Milestone and St. Luke’s we have just begun to “tap” into the potential for web based project communication, and we are already seeing positive results…in my opinion. Tasks are communicated clearly to all relevant stakeholders, discussion of key issues can be tracked and held without the need for a conference room… and critical documents can be accessed by the entire team, from just about anywhere, without the need of having to track someone down to find them. It will be interesting to see just how much this methodology can be employed to everyone’s advantage in the future…”

As of this writing, we currently have over 35 projects on our web based site, and more importantly we have closed six since the first of the year.  I think that this is significant since we have initiated all six and have closed them out….we have run the entire lifespan of these projects using this web based collaborative tool.  Our Team has learned alot along the way, and we have built a very strong foundation of how we are moving forward with our new and current projects by standing on the shoulders of these completed projects.

The developers of the site we are using to host our projects have been very collaborative to work with by taking our suggestions and working them into their platform.  A very lovely feature is the iPhone application.  With this app, members of our team can access dates, action items, team member status, and if activities are on-time or over due.  This information is crucial to our Owners who are stopped in the hallway and asked about project details…the answers can come straight away during that brief interaction.  No more waiting to get back to someone.  Amazing!


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