“Cloud Project Management” in early 2011

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This is an update to my previous posts on Internet Project Management.

In the era of instant communication (twits, smart phones, and instant messaging – email is so 1996), we at Milestone have been pushing the envelope of how we communicate with our clients and project team members, to provide access to project data (timelines, issues, files, “threaded conversations”, etc) quickly and easily.

In the past articles, I have discussed a few hosting services that we explored and did some “beta testing” on, but in this article, I wanted to really drill down on what we are doing to put the philosophy of “Cloud Project Management” into action.

Currently, we are tracking over 25 projects with three clients using TeamworkPm.  Through some easy customization, we are tracking action items, schedules and milestones, sharing files (floorplans, space programs, product data) and “threaded” conversations.

We have had great feedback from not only from the Client’s senior leadership, but from our hospital directors and architects and engineers.  I think we all would agree, our emails or telephone calls about “where are we with this project?”, or “have you called Peter about the chiller” emails, have really dwindled.
In using the project timeline and milestones, we communicate the upcoming dates of projects.  We work in collaboration with the contractors uploaded construction schedule and our posted Project Development schedule, so if the “high level” milestones are not enough information, the Client can pull up the more detailed construction or our development schedule to see when the MRI is going to be delivered.

Of course, the information is only as good as the frequency of when it is input to the website, but by simply responding to a message that is generated by the hosting service, the information is uploaded and disseminated automatically.  No need to remember who to cc on an email….the project profile does that for you.

Currently, we at Milestone have standardized this approach to project management and are looking for ways to “passively” inform our clients and team members of the current status of projects.

Look for my next blog in a few weeks about how we are tracking Action Items and Issues Lists.

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