Internet Project Management: Fall 2010 – Update

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Update to previous post:

Dear Gentle Reader (tip o’ the hat to Dear Abby),

Over the past two weeks, we at Milestone Project Management have continued to review “web based/cloud based” sites that offer project collaboration tools for the various stakeholders for our complex healthcare projects.

The evaluation process was rather informal,but extensive.  We talked to the site developers, viewing online demonstrations/webinars, in some cases, downloading demo’s or trial memberships to “test drive” the capabilities of the systems.

We have decided to move forward for the next six months with TeamWorkPM.   While not as typically robust as other project management sites, we felt that TeamWorkPM had the right balance of detailed and overview information that made it very flexible and easy to use (see October 17th blog about tracking necessary and not-so-necessary information to an Owner) .  Being intuitive to use which was a “must” for us as our stakeholders on a project have a wide disparity of computer skills and/or time to spend trying to find information quickly.

Additionally, one of our clients is moving forward with using the site to not only track their Capital Projects, but also to monitor their leasehold contract terms and minor tenant improvements.  This is one example of the flexibility of this system.

Over the next six months we plan to move forward with over 12 projects on this site.   The project types will range from conceptual – long term projects, to short duration “patch and paint” or equipment switchouts.  We will even use TeamworkPM to assist in the collaboration of some minor electrical projects.

Currently, our “test drive” of the system allowed us to collaborate with our architects and user groups to disseminate project sketches, equipment lists, action items/issue tracking, milestone dates and decision documentation.  I was quite surprised how the team embraced the system and how easily the designers able to uploading sketchs and solutions to the site.  With the release of Teamwork’s free (yes, free) iPhone app, I expect our team members to be able to communicate and to pull up specific project status from the palm of their hand.  If you think about it, what a powerful concept for an Owner to be able to do….sitting at a board meeting, the discussion unexpectedly turns on the specific architecture of an inpatient room , you did not prepare for this conversation – but, you can quickly pull up the drawing and support documentation right on your iPhone or better yet, your iPad – powerful stuff.

As we move forward into 2011, watch this blog for my candid experiences using “cloud” project management (I should coin and trademark this term – a tip o’ the hat to Gene Simmons).  I also welcome comments from you, dear reader – let me know your thoughts.

The journey continues….



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