Internet Project Management: Fall of 2010

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What a long title….I was thinking of calling it “Digital Project Management”, but it occurred to me that saying something was “digital” has the same connotation for me as saying “Electronic” or “Virtual” Project Management”…some how it just seems dated. So, I decided to date stamp this article with Fall 2010 – seems current, right?

What I really want to discuss, is my relentless search for tools to manage strategic capital projects from the Owners perspective using websites and “cloud” computing.

Currently at Milestone, we are experimenting with a few of the lesser known project management “tools” that are out there. From my colleagues at work, we have a company history of working with E-Builder, Skyre, Buzzsaw, etc.

For the most part, these platforms require a long learning curve, some require software on each users desktop, expensive user fees, and quite frankly functions, that from an Owner’s perspective, are low priority features (tracking RFI’s, Submittal’s, ASI’s, etc).

What we are searching for is the “big picture”, the “50,000 foot level view”, as Owners, we are guiding the overall direction of the project. Our role in the typical RFI tracking, while important (as it could lead to cost impacts), is usually relegated to ensuring that questions are being tracked and answered in an acceptable amount of time.

Most platforms seem to focus on this aspect a little too much, and I would categorize them as “Builders” or “Contractors” platforms.

As we move into 2011 and test a few of these project management systems, I would really like your candid comments about systems that you have used, and recommendations on platforms that worked well. Perhaps together we can find “project management utopia”

Im looking forward to the journey,



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