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Hospices de Beaune

October 24th, 2009

In 1443, a duke of Burgandy, Nicolas Rolin, founded one of the first hospitals for the poor and needy in what is today, Beaune, France.  The Hotel-Dieu had provided continuous healthcare for the Burgundy region until a new hospital was built for the city  in 1962.  The shining example of medievil Burgundy architecture served the public for a period of over 500 years.

Today, the historic Hospice building is the center piece of Beaune, and is the site each year of the “Vente aux enchères des vins des Hospices de Beaune” wine auction.  This Burgandy wine festival features the auctioning off of that year’s grape harvest right after its first fermentation. These wines are from only from the lands and vineyards that have been donated to the Hospice over the last 5 centuries.

This year will be the 149th edition of the fabled wine auction.  This wine auction’s proceeds support most of the financial needs of the hospital each year.

For more information, please use the link to the official site, and to see more photographs of one of Europe’s original hospitals.

Barrell Tasting

Barrell Tasting

St. Luke’s Radiation Therapy and CyberKnife® – By the Numbers

October 15th, 2009

15,000 – The number of SF in the facility, including eight exam rooms, and three vaults (home to the CyberKnife®, the Varian Trilogy, and an additional Varian linear accelerator.

8 – Months in the original construction schedule. The project was delivered in seven months!

10,071 – The number of cubic yards of concrete poured into the three vaults, weighing an estimated 3.75 million tons.

2001 – The year that CyberKnife® technology was approved by the USDA.

300 – The number of cities where Accuray’s CyberKnife® system is treating patients. 100 of these cities are in the United States.

Houston’s First CyberKnife®

October 15th, 2009

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System opened Houston’s first CyberKnife® facility in August 2009. This state-of-the-art facility is home to a leading edge technology that is able to precisely care for a variety of medical conditions that may be unable to be treated with traditional surgical options.

CyberKnife® technology, developed by Accuray, is used to treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumors in one to four treatments, spaced one or two days apart. This greatly reduces the length of treatment plans for patients who would otherwise be treated with a linear accelerator. Linear accelerator treatments typically require more procedural visits over a duration of six to eight weeks.

The facility also houses the latest in linear accelerator technology, the Varian Trilogy system. The Trilogy is the first of a new generation of cancer care systems, optimized for providing multiple forms of treatment, including radiation therapy and radiosurgery. Use of the Trilogy system has decreased the number of patient visits significantly when compared to traditional radiation protocols.

The project team of St. Luke’s Capital Projects, Milestone Project Management, m-Architects, SSR Engineers and JE Dunn Construction was able to exceed the strategic goals of the project by delivering the project for less than the budgeted amount and one month earlier than scheduled.